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'Choices' - yours are better :)

‘Choices’ – yours are better :)

Every moment you make choices. People say that you made a wrong or a right choice. Although right and wrong are not absolute and only later in time you get to know if something worked or it didn’t. I fondly remember – Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths – where they had this concept which was really mind bending. Every time… Read more →

Lessons by the great teacher called life.

This post is a summary of all the life lessons that I have had in life, it will keep evolving as I keep on adding posts detailing the story behind each of the lesson. Each of the lesson is accompanied by a story. Story which tells how I learnt a particular lesson. These stories might be very simple or even… Read more →

It's never “too late” - Never say Never.

It’s never “too late” – Never say Never.

Feel like giving up? Ok, just take the small next step. This post is part of a larger post and will tell a small life story that taught me a lesson. There are a couple of stories behind this lesson. The 8-ball pool. Quick summary of 8 ball pool : Two players, each pots only their target balls(solids or stripes),… Read more →


Value of a team

You might have heard and read a lot about the value of team, but some things you only understand when you experience it. I had been very competitive in my childhood and always thought I should be the hero of the victory. The master of the situation and winner of all games. But this is hardly ever the case in… Read more →

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