Lessons by the great teacher called life.

This post is a summary of all the life lessons that I have had in life, it will keep evolving as I keep on adding posts detailing the story behind each of the lesson.
Each of the lesson is accompanied by a story. Story which tells how I learnt a particular lesson. These stories might be very simple or even silly, but the lesson learnt from each story has helped me in some way, for the better.

Here is the list:

1. It’s never “too late” – Never say Never.

Sometimes giving up seems to be the easiest option, but there is a saying “Never give up, until you have something to give”.

2. ‘Choices’ – yours are better 🙂

Everything in life is a choice. Whatever choices you make, makes you. So take all the time you need and give decisions your stamp of approval!.

3. In the ‘race of life’ you are destined to ‘win’ provided you are willing to run.

You want to be a winner? Go, first start.


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