Finding inspiration from the novice and not the master

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Many of us have talents that we would want to showcase, but there might be hesitation and fear.
The question “Am I really that good?” might haunt you before you decide to go public with your talent.
When I say go public it might be anything. It can be, what I am doing right now – writing a blog. You might be posting a YouTube video if you act, sing or dance or it can be anything.

You might be posting it, but not making it public actively, just pushing your content in the dark, waiting for someone who will stumble upon it and then appreciate.

This “passive” approach might have worked for some and can continue to work for more people, but, the major drawback of such an approach is that you will not receive an “active” feedback.

 When you share your content or your art actively, it reaches all kind of people. If you’re lucky enough to get some feedback from those people, you might(if you want to) modify your content to suit the needs of the majority of the audience or maybe build upon the ideas that you get through the feedback. 

Why am I talking about all this?

Recently on one of the groups that I am part of on WhatsApp somebody shared a video in which the person was performing their art(not disclosed).  I watched the video and wondered “What was so special about this video that it was shared here?” .

 For me there was nothing special in it, but it made me realize one thing, that every master was once a novice. I started appreciating the fact that they are at-least trying.

When we look at the masters of our time be it in sports, in literature  or any other field that we might be interested in, we don’t see the many failed attempts that they might have had. It is only after they become successful that we see their work and appreciate it.  

The writer of that best seller book might have made a hundred drafts that were rejected. That sports star that you admire now might have given hundreds of trials before he actually made it to the national side.

Every story has a beginning,  we would never know how good we are unless we actually go out there. You  won’t know until you actually try it.

How does it relate to me?

 I have been that kind of person who keeps on waiting,  for the perfect moment, everything that I do should be a masterpiece. But I now realize that when the standards of the trade that you are into are set by the people, then you need the exposure, to let the people experience your content.  Let them accept it or reject it. 

So here comes my blog,  which I am going to share on the various social media platforms that I am on.  without thinking about how it will be received, I will just push it. 

What does it have for you?

 If you have been waiting like me,  I would say that stop shying away from going public. this does not mean that you don’t have to put in the hard work or should embrace mediocrity and just go public.  I just mean that don’t think too much, once you feel that you have put in your best, just share it with the people you know( or sometimes you don’t know 🙂 )

 Now go ahead, press that publish button, share it with your friends and talk about it with the people that you meet you will never know you might be the next superstar!

P:S- I am nervous! 😅

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